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Govardhana Shaligram

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Govardhana Krishna Shaligram

Round shape , Blue – Black color , 2 opening – 4 circulars , with White color Spots .

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Product Name : Govardhana Shaligram

Dimesnion : 0.8 inches

Weight : 5.90 gm

Lakshan Shaloka :

ghanashyAmashcaturcakro bindudhvaya samanvita: | govardhanadhara: shrImAn sarvasoubhAgyavardhana: ||

Meaning :

Shaligram having , 1 vadana 4 chakras or 2 vadanas 4 chakras;two dots; blue black color , is known as ” Govardhana Krishna Shaligram”

Lakshan Shaloka :

dIrghAkAra: kruShNavarNashcatushcakrasamanvita: | UrdhvarekhAsamAyukta: pArshve rajatabinduka:||

Meaning :

Shaligram having elongated body; black color; 4 chakras;upward rekas and white dots; 2 opening – 4 chakras , is known as “Govardhana Krishna Shaligram”

Description :
The name “Govardhana” has two primary translations. In the literal meaning, ‘Go’ translates to ‘cows’, and ‘vardhana’ translates to ‘nourishment’.
Another meaning of ‘Go’ is ‘The senses’ and ‘vardhana’ can also mean ‘To increase’ – Thus the name is also translated by devotees of Krishna as ‘That which increases the senses’ in their attraction to Krishna. In this connection, it is believed that the personality of Govardhan blesses the devotee by increasing his devotion . Thus, by residing in the foothills of Govardhan shaligram, all the senses and the respective duties of a soul attain divinity and are more inclined to perform service to Krishna.



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