Kalki Shaligram

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Kalyana Murti Kalki Shaligram

Spear Shape Body (Long shape body having pointed end) , 1 opening –  2 Large chakra , Upward Rekas , Vanamala and Kalpvriksha Marks .


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Product Name : Kalki Shaligram

Dimension :  2 inches * 1 inches

Weight : 50 gm

Lakshan Shaloka :

kalyANamUrtirUdhvoraShTa: kalkisanjanasannibha:| dIrghacakro UrdjvarekhAmka: sutIkShaNo vijayaprada:

Meaning :

Shaligram having large chakra; upward rekas; sharp body;, is known as “Kalyana Murti Kalki Shaligram”

Description :

Kalki  (Destroyer  Of Darkness and Ignorance) is the tenth and final avatar of the Lord Vishnu in the current Mahayuga , foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga . The Purana scriptures foretell that Kalki will be atop a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. Lord Kalki will remove the darkness of kali yuga and establish a new yuga (age) called Satya yuga (Age of Truth) on the earth.

The worshipper of the Kalki Shaligram can foresee the future things happening. The Shila is very good for the Lawyers, police personnel and government officials. The Kalki Shila proved to be very beneficial for the devotees who are involved in speculative business. It hones their administrative skills and tremendously increases their analytical qualities. The worshipper makes the things happen in his favour and generates very high position and status in the society. He gets immense fame, name and is respected in the society.

Benefits :

  • For immense fame, name and respect in society
  • For high position and status
  • To increases analytical qualities & administrative skills
  • For gaining wealth from speculation



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