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Laxmi Gopala Shaligram

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Lakshmi Gopala Shaligram

Vanamala and Kalpvriksha marks  , Flute Mark,  1 opening – 2 circular , Golden color


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Product Name : Laxmi Gopala Shaligram 

Origin: Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension: 2.70 inches * 2 inches

Weight : 172 gm

Lakshan Shaloka :
kukkuTANDasamopetam shrIkaro vanamAlayA| lAngalam veNucinham ca kunDalam pariveShTitam || lakShmIgopAlamityetaddurlabham bhuvanatraye| putralAbham tathA mokSham godhAnyadhanavardhanam ||

Meaning :
Shaligram of egg shaped; vanamala; kalpavruksha; flute;ear rings;;1 opening – 2 circular marks , is known as “Lakshmi Gopala Shaligram”


Gopala , Gopala : sustainer of cows/cattle is the infant/child form of Lord Krishna, the Cowherd Boy who enchanted the Cowherd Maidens(Gopinis) with the divine sound of his flute, attracting even Madana (Hindu God of love and passion).




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