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Laxmi Kund Shaligram

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Adwaitya Kalpvriksha Vanamala Laxmi Kund Shaligram

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Product Name : Laxmi Kund Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension : 2  inches

Weight : 121 gm

Description :

Kund Shila represents the accumulation of good Karmas and deeds. The Shila has a small depression with in Him which signifies accumulation , also mark of Kalpavriksha and Vanamala.The Shila can also helps the devotee in accumulating huge wealth but at the same time changes the mind of devotees also to use this wealth for philanthropic and austere activities. The worshipper of Kund Shila pleases the Trinity that is Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The worshipper is a dignified person in the society with a very strong character. The worshipper becomes very charismatic and attracts everyone to him. Kund Shila provides protection to the worshipper and blesses him with all the worldly comforts. Every devotee should have at least one of this auspicious Shila. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

Benefits of worshipping Kund Shaligram:
– Helps in accumulating huge wealth
– For protection & worldly comforts
– For the blessings of Trinity which is Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.


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