Rama Shaligram

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Parivara Dvadasha Chakra Pattabhi Rama Shaligram

5 opening – 2 chakras in each , with 1 small opening having 1 single chakra , also having single chakras , mark of lotus lines , kalpavriksha marks , bow , arrow and quiver mark ,  


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Product Name : Rama Shaligram / Parivara Dvadasha Chakra Pattabhi Rama Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension : 1.5  inches * 1 inches

Weight : 42 gm

Lakshan Shaloka :

kodanDam kukkuTANDAngam shyAmalam pruShTamunnatam| bANatUNIracApADyam kalpavrukShasamatavintam|| samasUkShma lasaccakram pancavaktreNa veShTitam|| catracAmara rekhADyam pArshvacakra samanvitam| kUrmacakra madhObhAge pankagena samanvitam|| simhAsane samAsInam rAmam parijanai: saha| paTTAbhirAmamityuktam rAjyalakShmIpradam nruNAm|| putrapoutrA abhivruddhyartham bhuktipragnAnavardhanam||

Meaning :
Shaligram having bow;egg shaped; blue-black; eleavated back;arrow, bow and quiver; kalpavruksha sign; equal minute chakras; 5 vadana – 10 chakras; umbrella, chamara signs; side chakra; tortoise chakra in the front lotus sign; simhasana sign  is known as “Parivara Dvadasha Chakra Pattabhi Rama Shaligram “

Sita Ram is that form of the Shila where Lord Ram is presence with Sita Mata. Ram and Sita represent an ideal pair with immense love, affection, feeling of sacrifice for each other and respect for each other existence. The worshipper of Shila can develop a very good and healthy relationship with in family members and relatives. The Shila is very protective in nature and bestows the devotee with all the worldly comforts. The Shila removes all negativity from the environment of the devotee and bring positive energies to him. The worshipper earns respect, dignity and fame in the society and always remains in the peaceful environment. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.



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