Sankarshana Shaligram

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RajaPujya SankarShana Shaligram

Reddish color body , single opening having 2 chakras touching each other , eastern side lotus mark , Fang marks , Axe marks , Bow mark , arrow mark , 

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Product Name : Sankarshana Shaligram

Origin : Ganadki River Nepal

Weight : 26gm

Dimension : 1.50 inches * 1 inches

Lakshan Shaloka :

dvou cakrau agrasamlagnau pUrvabhAgAshca puShkala:| sankarShaNAkhyo vigyeyo raktAbhashcAtishobhana:||

Meaning :

Shaligram having two chakras touching each other (attached); eastern side lotus mark; reddish tinge; 1 opening – 2 chakras  is known as “SankarShana Shaligram” .

Lakshan Shaloka : 

sitakR^iShNAruNopetam dIrghadvAram bruhadbilam| bhittibhAge gadam cakram vAme vA dakShiNepi vA| cakrabhAge bhavet bindu: parashvAkrutirekhayA||pruShTe vA pArshvato vAtha rekhA damShTrAkrutirbhavet| jAmadagnistu bhagavAn svarcanIyo mahIbhrutAm||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having black and white or red in color;large aperature; a spot on the chakra; a large chakra on the right or left side; mark of axe and fangs; 1 opening – 2 chakras is known as RajaPujya Sankarshana Shaligram

Description :

The second dimension of the Adi Purusha – Sankarshana symbolizes prosperity. “Sankarshana”– literally means one who has both the powers of attraction and repulsion.

Sankarshana who was dragged out of Vasudeva’s body (akrasya tu svakaad dehaath) too is complete in all the four aspects (chatuskala).He is red in colour. And, he produced Pradyumna.

Likewise at the Genesis of creation, he manifests himself thus creating the Universe and during the Maha Proloya – the Great Destruction, he by this force with draws the Universe into Himself as a transfixed point – which modern science calls “The Point of Singularity” – “The Vindu”.

“Sankarshana” is basically “Kriya Shakti”- kinetic force. It has both the capacities to expand and recede. When the Universe is drawn into him, it attains an undivided and undefined state. It was neither a solid, nor liquid nor gaseous state. It can be compared to the fourth state of matter.

“Sankarshana” has two “Tanus” – dimensions, “Shabd Bramh” and “Param Bramh”. “Sankarshana” is the beholder of the Universe and the culminator of the power and the powerful. It is He, who can collectively combine the Drashta – Who sees, The Drishya – What is seen and Darshan – The act of seeing, into the form of Wholeness. He is the beholder of the collective consciousness of this Universe.


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