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Front side clear showing single opening having two sharp chakras
Side view showing Shiva linga marksIInd side viewSide viewLower side

Shankara Narayana Shaligram

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Shankara Narayana Shaligram

Sjhaligram having 1 opening with 2 circulars and having 1 linga mark

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Product Description

Product Name : Shankara Narayana Shaligram

Weight : 11 gm

Dimension : 1 inches * 1 inches

Lakshan Shaloka :

shivanAbhayuta: pArshve vAme vA dakShiNe api vA| sa va shankarapUrvAkhyanArAyaNa itIrita:

Meaning :

Shaligram having shiva nabhi rekha at side or left or right; (chakras 2 by vogue) is known as “Shankara Narayana Shaligram” .


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