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Vasudeva Shaligram

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Shuddha Vasudeva Shaligram

Single opening having 2 Equal Elongated chakras at the entrance of the opening , also having golden color spots inside the body , with mark of Lotus lines on the side of the opening .

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Product Name : Vasudeva Shaligram / Shuddha Vasudeva Shaligram

Origin: Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension: 1 inches * 1 inches

Weight : 17 gm

Lakshan Shaloka :
kruShNA nIlA shilA yasya samacakrA pradrushyate| vAsudeva: sa vigyeya: sarvakAmaphalaprada:|| vAsudevo jagadyoni: pItavarNena cinhita:| cakre dvArapradeshe ca soukhyada: parikIrtita:||

Meaning :
Shaligram having¬†black or blue color body; two equal chakras at the entrance; inside vadana yellow color marks; 1 opening – 2 circular marks is known as “Shuddha¬† Vasudeva Shaligram”

Description :

Vasudev “One who is at once both Vaasu and Deva.One who is born as the Son of Sri Vasudeva in the Jail of Kamsa, the Blue-Boy of Brindaavana.He is called Vaasu as He veils Himself with His own Maayaa,Deva means “He who sports,wishes to conquer,conducts,shines,creates and moves”. In the Udyoga Parva of Mahabharata, we read, “Like the Sun with his rays I am covering (Deva) in all beings and hence, I am called Vaasudeva”. Vishnupurana says,”as He resides everywhere in and throughall things, He is termed Vaasudevah. He in all being and hence, the Omnipresent is called the Vaasudeva.



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