Venu Gopala Shaligram

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VenuGopala Salagram

Black color , 1 opening – 2 circulars , Mark of Stick , Flute and Horns , White Dots

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Product Name : Venu Gopala Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Weight : 65 gm

Dimension : 2 inches * 1.50 inches

Lakshan Shaloka :

kruShNo atikruShNa: stUlo na krusho nAtishobhana:| daNDashrungayuta: pArshve veNunA shobhite mukhe|| sa gopAla iti prokto gobhUdhAnyaphalaprada:

Meaning :

Shaligram having very black; bulky; not very attractive; mark of stick, horns and flute , 1 opening – 2 circulars is known as Venu Gopala Shaligram

Description :

Krishna Playing With Flute , stands on his left leg with the right bent across & resting on the toe is known as VenuGopala (Muralidhara) . Venu Gopala is often represented as leaning against a cow , Gopala – With one foot bent cross wise & resting on the toe . Gopala is the one who plays with the cows .


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