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16 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Sixteen Face Rudraksha – Java

Dimension  : 17 mm Р18 mm


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Product Name : 16 Mukhi Rudraksha / Sixteen Face Rudraksha

Origin : Java

Dimension : 17.54 mm * 11.02 mm * 09.71 mm

Description :

16 mukhi Rudraksha is Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva. 16 face Rudraksha is form of Mahakal. The wearer becomes fearless & gets victory against the most fearsome of diseases and adverse circumstances. A home in which 16 faced rudraksha is kept is free from thefts ,fire and accidents . Sixteen face rudraksha protects from physical illness due to placement of planets. If one has fear of loss of a loved one or fear of loss of name & fame or loss of faith in oneself or fear of death, then one should wear the Mahamrityunjaya rudraksha which is 16 mukhi Rudraksha. Mahakal is fearsome form of Lord Shiva which He assumed when Sati burned herself in fire. Even Yama the Lord of Death turns back from the wearer of 16 face rudraksha.

Benefit’s :
16 Mukhi rudraksh protects from physical illness , negative people & negative energies .if one has a fear of loss of name & fame or faear of lack of money or support , or loss of faith in oneself or god or fear of death , or nightmares then one should wear the mahamrityunjaya rudraksha which is none else than 16 mukhi rudraksha .wearing of this rudraksha is equivalent to chanting the mahamritunjaya mantra 11,00,000 times every day.on weaaring this , the path of the wearer become surmountable by grace of lord shiva & he rises in victory & grace .

Symbol of: Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva

Ruling Planet : Moon

Recommended For : Cure of diseases , For protection , Release of fears & Insecurities.

Mantra :
“Om Hreem Hoom Namah” ( Beeja mantra)
“Om Haum Joom Sah” ( Wearing mantra )

Rituals for wearing 16 Faced Rudraksha / How To Wear Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha :
Sixteen faced Rudraksha should be capped in gold / silver/panchdhatu or stringed in red thread and wear in neck or be kept on the worshipping place after chanting the mantra.

Day for wearing : Monday


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