Dwarka Purushottam Shila

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Sarvottam Dwarka Pradyumna Shilla


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Product Name : Dwarka Pradyumna Shila

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Dimension : 2 inches * 1.50 inches 

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The Prahlada Samhita states that a Dvaraka-Shila with Six Chakras is known as Pradyumna . The Kapila-Pancaratra explains the benefits of worshiping of Pradyumna Dwarka Shila with six Chakras will give one beauty and wealth. According to the Tantra-siddhanta division of Pancharatra worshipping of Pradyumna Dwarka shilla gives wealth and lustre.

Dwaraka-Shila-The Brahma Purana states that wherever Shalagrama-Shila and Dvaraka-Shila sitting together are worshipped, certainly salavation or mukti resides there. In the conversation between Brahma and Narada in the Skanda Purana Brahma says, “O Munishvara! Wherever Dwaraka-Shila sits in front of the Shalagrama-Shila every class of opulence goes on increasing unlimitedly.” In another place it says that one who daily worships Dvaraka-Shila along with twelve Shalagrama-Shila will be honored even in Vaikuntha-dhama.

Benefits of worshipping Dwarka Shila:
-For immense protection, prosperity, peace
– For removing black magic, evil forces or removing influence of occult
-For removing obstacles and hurdles
-For good health, knowledge and all six senses working to perfection
– For immense perseverance, strong will power, patience, wealth and happiness in life.


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