Gomedh Shree Yantra – 181 gm

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Shree Yantra Made In Natural Gomed



Product Name : Gomedh Shree Yanta – 181 gms

Weight : 181 gm

Dimension : 2.50 inches (height) * 2 inches (Base)

Description :

Shree Yantra carved in 100% natural Gomedh. Shree Yantra is worshipped for power, name, fame and good health.

Gomedh (Hessonite) is imperative for those suffering from malefic effects of Rahu. Malefics of Rahu increases mental tension, and makes one angry & annoyed over small matters. One lacks decision-making power, and is always lost in day dreams and flights of fancies.

Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras. It is capable of bestowing totality in life. Around the Shree Chakra three boundaries are drawn which are symbolic of the three energies. Under it is a sixteen petal lotus inside which is an eight petal lotus. In it are fourteen triangles that are symbolic of fourteen energies. In it can be clearly seen ten triangles which denote ten symbols of prosperity. In it are eight triangles which are symbolic of eight goddesses. In it is a triangle denoting Lakshmi. In this triangle is a spot which symbolizes Goddess Bhagwati. Shree Yantra symbolizes a total of 2816 energies or Goddesses and worshipping this Yantra means worshipping all these energies. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through cosmic power.

This gemstone Shree Yantra is considered highly auspicious and is said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rate.

Placement: Yantra is best kept in the East portion of dwelling facing West. East is the governing direction of solar deity- Sun and Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of Abundance. It is considered the most auspicious & holy of all directions from where positive energy enters a dwelling. When Yantra is placed here, it’s energy spreads in the entire dwelling to ward away malefic and purify all negativities and usher in good luck, peace, prosperity, harmony and health.


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