Mahakali Idol Carved On Natural Golden Shaligram

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Product Name : Mahakali Idol Carved On Natural Golden Shaligram

Weight : 325 gms 

Dimension : 3.5 inches (height) * 3.50 inches (Width)

Design : Idol featuring Goddess Kali with Lord Shiva placed on traditional designed dais is artistically crafted on natural Golden Dashamahavidya Chamunda Bhadra Mahakali Shaligram . In this idol, Lord Shiva is seen beneath Her and Goddess Kali is seen adorning a crown and wearing a garland of skulls . She is wearing jewels, garland of skulls and girdle of severed human arms around Her waist and also holding Kapala (human head) representing ego and attachment. In this idol Goddess mahakali holding sword  , Axe ,chakra , bowl (khappar) , Kapala (human head) , Trident (trishul) , mace , noose , and holding Scimitar  representing Her blessings of wisdom and insight that helps liberate one of human bondage and ego. Goddess Kali is one of the aspects of Divine mother, Who compassionately destroys Her devotees ego. Shiva under Her feet represents passive and submissive male energy and Goddess represents active and dominant female energy. The union of both energy leads to creation.


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