Rare Big Size Narayana Shaligram

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Krishna Varna  Narayana Shaligram

Big size body , Blue Black color , Single opening having 2 clear Big chakras in the centre of opening  , Vanamala mark , Kalpavriksha marks , Golden spots , mark of ear ring (kundala) , Presence of Sphatik / crystal inside the opening . 



Product Name : Rare Big Size Narayana Shaligram / Krishna Varna Narayana Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension : 9 inches * 6.50 inches

Weight : 3030 gm

Lakshna Shaloka :

shyAmo nArAyaNo nAma nAbhicakrastathonnata:| kruShNavarNastathA viShNu: sthUlacakra: sushobhana:||

Meaning :

Shaligram having blue-black, black color; 2 big chakras at the center (nabhi); raised upward  is known as “Krishna Varna Narayana Shaligram”

Description :

Narayana is the name of God in his infinite all pervading form. Narayana is one of the names of Vishnu (and sometimes Krisna). He is the Supreme Purusha of Purusha Sukta. Narayana pervades whatever is seen or heard in this universe from inside and outside alike. In Sanskrit, “Nara” can also refer to all human beings or living entities (Jivas). Therefore,  Narayana is Resting place for all living entities. a ‘Universal Form’ (Vishvarupa) Vishvarupa  which is beyond the ordinary limits of human perception or imagination.





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