Goddess Laxmi In Copper

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Vidya Lakshmi  Idol In Pure Copper

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Product Name : Goddess Laxmi In Copper

Weight : 341  gms

Dimension : 4 inches (Height) * 1.75 inches (Base)

Design : Beautiful Goddess Vidya Lakshmi made in pure copper , having four hands in which two having lotus & other two are in abhaya mudra & varada mudra .

Description :

Vidya Laxmi {For Education} , that is Lakshmi with two lotus , is one of the most significant Ashtalaxmi aspects of the goddess laxmi .In this aspect she is the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom, worshipped by gods, adorned with precious stones, bears a pleasant form, who destroys suffering, bestowing upon her worshippers wealth of nine kinds and fulfilling their desires. In the images, she is shown, having four arms. Of them she carries lotuses in two and while the other two are held in abhaya mudra and varada mudras.



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