About Us

Rudrakshguru.com is one of the leading supplier and online sellers of Rudraksha, Shaligrams , Gemstones, Parad items , Yantra & other Pooja items .

Our genuine concern for providing best quality of authentic Rudraksha , Rare-Shaligrams and other products at the most reasonable prices have already established us in this field in a very short span of time and we are sure to continue serving our clients for long times to come.


Rudrakshguru.com was founded in the year 1990 with following Objectives :

  1. To educate masses about the divinity of Shaligramas and Rudraksha beads of all Mukhis to facilitate immense benefit that these divine things can provide to the mankind by removing all the prevalent misconceptions and doubts from the minds of the devotees/people.
  2. To make the masses aware about the mysteries surrounding Shaligramas and Rudraksha and the immense good properties this Salagram stone and Rudraksha beads have as mentioned in our ancient scriptures/ mythological texts.
  3. Provide guidence & recommend the Peoplea about the scientific usage of Shaligramas and Rudraksha to improvise their lives in terms of spiritual growth, peace, protection and prosperity & Vaastu remedies for their house and offices by using Shaligrama stones, Rudrakshas and other religious products.
  4. To supply the best and the most genuine quality of Shaligram stones, Rudraksha beads of all Mukhis at a very reasonable donation to devotees globally and giving them all the possible guidance which they would be looking forward to in terms of additions in their Shaligram cluster and Rudraksha malas.
  5. To continuously augment and upgrade knowledge on the various properties of Shaligram stones and Rudraksha beads based on feed back/ experiences we receive from the devotee clients who have taken these auspicious things from us in the past and the research work being done by reading and understanding more and more of rare Hindu and other different religions and mythological texts.