Kalpvriksha Shaligram

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Adwaitya Surya Laxmi Maha Kalp Vriksha Shaligram

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Product Name : Kalpvriksha Shaligram / Adwaitya Surya Laxmi Maha Kalp Vriksha

Dimension : 2.5 inches * 2 inches

Weight : 80 gm

Description :

According to Hindu mythology, the Kalpavriksha tree was one of the 14 gems which came out of the depths of the sea after the Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). The worshipper of this Shaligram gets all his wishes fulfilled, worldly comforts and dignity in the society. Kalpavriksha is said to fulfill the desires of all those who have faith on the holy tree. This tree has a generous connotation attached – for ages it has been known to fulfill all the wishes of the devotees. Worshipper gets good partner in the form of husband/ good wife and obedient children and peace prevails in the family. Keeping Kalpvriksha Shila in the Alter is considered very auspicious and this pleases Lord Krishna which in turns blesses the devotee to the fullest. This Shila isvery exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extra ordinarily high energy level. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, Med. sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

Benefits of worshipping  Kalpa Vriksha Shaligram:

– For good partner in the form of husband/ good wife
– For obedient children and peaceful environment in family
– To fulfill all the desires and wishes



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