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Laxmi Kuber Shaligram

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Adwaitya Laxmi Kuber Kalp Vriksha Shaligram

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Product Name : Laxmi Kuber Shaligram / Adwaitya Laxmi Kuber Kalpavriksha Shaligram

Dimension : 3 inches * 2.50 inches

Weight : 261 gm

Description :

Laxmi Kuber is the goddess of fortune, which usually and simplistically translates Her as wealth. But the actual Yaksha who supervise and does the security of wealth in the Indian ethos has been Kuber. He is the ruler of a fabulous hidden city in the Himalayas called Alkapuri, which has all the stored up wealth of the Earth.
The worship of Laxmi Kuber Shaligram bestows the devotee with very good health and wealth and worldly comforts. By worshipping Lakshmi Kuber Shaligram a man can tremendously progress in the business and expands it to a very high level very successfully. The impressions of Kuber are in the form of slightly raised portion on the Shila and around this raised linear marking of sudershan with the impression of golden colour impression are the markings of Laxmi. Where Lakshmi stays, Narayan automatically comes to that place. It provides extreme protection from the enemies. Laxmi Kuber is extremely good for the people doing business, service and transacting huge amount of money as it protects like a shield from any loss. The worshipper becomes very confidant and can take on any challenge and emerges out to be an ultimate winner. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, Medium sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

Benefits of worshipping  Laxmi Kuber Shaligram:
– For good health and wealth
– To progress & expand business
– To protect from Loss
– Kingly life and abundance



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