Hematite Ganesha – 211 gms

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Product Name : Hematite Ganesha – 211 gms

Weight : 211 gms 

Dimension :  3 inches (height) / 1.20 inches * 1 inches (base)

Description : 

Divine seated of Ganesha Idol meticulously carved in natural hematite gemstone. Carved meticulously on
brittle hematite stone the idol brims with royalty and beauty due to its natural silver- Golden shade. In this idol,
Lord Ganesh is seen raising His lower His right hand in blessing pose and holding weapons in upper hands.
He holds a sweet in His lower left palm.

Hematite is a powerful grounding and calming stone. Meditating upon this Ganesha idol confers feeling of stability and centeredness and enhancement of courage, memory, intellect and confidence. You may place the idol your puja altar, near entrance or on study or work desk for auspiciousness and divine blessings.


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