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Sacred Adwaitya Rare Rakt Kamakhya Yoni Shilla

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Product Name : Sacred Adwaitya Rare Rakt Kamakhya Yoni Shilla

Weight : 215 gms 

Dimension : 4 inches * 3 inches 

Benefits of Kamakhya Shila

– Worshipping Kamakhya Shila gives protection against black magic or those who envy you and try to perform black magic on you.
– This shila is very powerful for winning over enemies, legal cases and other disputes.
– It is also best for prosperity & good health.
– It is beneficial for appeasing all the nine planets and removing the doshas associated with them.
– Worship Kamakhya Devi Shila is also beneficial for conceiving a child for those couples who are unable to have a child.


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