Big Shaligram

Big Shaligrams Shilas are worshipped in the temple as well as in the houses. They remove negativity and brings immense peace, prosperity and protection in the homes of devotees. It is very auspicious to donate big Shaligram Shilas to the temple or to any Vaishnavas who can do the 'Sevs' of the Shila with devotion. By donating Big Shaligram Shilas the devotees goes to Vaikuntha and attain Salvation. In case the Big Shaligram is donated to an individual, it must be presented freely with the words " Peace, may it to be good to you". The Shaligram Shila should be received with reverence in the cupped hands and placed on ones own head, as a mark of acceptance. Big Shaligram Shilas bestows the devotee with good health, wealth and prosperity. Since the impressions are very clear on the Shila the amount of energy the Shila can radiate is enormous. It is extremely auspicious to worship the Big Shaligrams in the temples.