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Lord Vishnu With Sridevi and Bhudevi on Garuda

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Lord Vishnu on Garuda With Sridevi and Bhudevi Carved on Natural Sudarshan Shaligram 

Lord Vishnu With Manifested Energy and Fertility

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Product Name : Lord Vishnu With Sridevi and Bhudevi on Garuda

Dimension : 4 inches (height) * 3.5 inches (width) * 2.5 inches (Base) * 1.5 inches (Thickness)

Weight : 389 gm

Description :
In This idol Lord Narayana was seated on Garuda with goddess Sri devi on one side and Goddess Bhu devi on either side .

Devi Lakshmi Manifests as two seprate goddesses Sri devi : Alternate name of Goddess Laxmi denotes energy and Bhu devi : Goddess of Earth represent Fertility . Both the Goddesses are depicted similarly signifying that lord vishnu hold equal affection for both . 


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