Ruby – 9.60 Carats

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Ruby / Manik

Unheated / Untreated

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Product Name : Ruby – 9.60 Carats

Origin : African

Weight : 9.60 carats

Description :

Ruby is a gem of Royalty and is considered the most magnificent of all gems. In ancient times , it was considered to surpass to all other precious gems in it’s virtue with value exceeding of diamond.

Ruby has always been worn for passion , leadership qualities , motivation and abundance . Ruby is believed to promote health , knowledge and wealth . It has been associated with improved energy and concentration , loyalty , honor and compassion . Ruby is thought to be protective of home , possessions and family . Ruby is Ruled by planet sun and stimulates “Solar Plexus chakra” and promote independence , name and fame . Ruby can be worn by those having sun malefic in their chart as well as by those having sun benefic . A person who wishes to have power of command , name , fame and success use this gemstone .



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