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1 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala / Shiv Netra Mala In Silver – 55 Beads

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ShivNetra Mala – 55 Beads



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Product Name : 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala / Shiv Netra Mala In Silver – 55 Beads

Origin : Java / Indonesia

Bead Size  : 9 mm (approx)

Number of Beads : 54+1

Length : 32 inches (From ist bead to 55th bead) // 16 inches (Around the neck)

Design : Rarest of the Rare 1 mukhi Java bead Made in silver basket having traditional knots after each bead.

Attachment : Lab test Certificate , which proofs the Authenticity of the same , as shown in last listed image , will also shipped along with this 1 mukhi rudrkash mala

Description :

One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Mahadev Himself. Enlightens the Super Consciousness. Destroys all sins and leads one to liberation. One mukhi rudraksha is Sakshat Siva swarupa. The wearer elevates in awareness and merges with the absolute consciousness of the divine. It is only with grace of Lord Shiva and divine karmas that a person gets to wear this rare bead. One who wears it surely goes to path of Moksha. This bead works on the Sahasrar chakra to align oneself to Shiva . The wearer’s mind begins to concentrate on the Supreme Element that is Partattva Dharana cha jayate Tatprakashnam thus the discoverers of Aatma Tattva must wear One Mukhi Rudraksha. This is the best of all Rudraksha for meditation and spiritual growth. The person who wears this has all worldly pleasures at his feet but remains unaffected by them.

This beautiful mala is fit for community leaders or Spiritual Masters .

On a physical level this bead cures headaches, migraines and nightmares.

Scientific tests have proved that this bead has immense power and is the true equivalent to the mythological 1 mukhi round. 

Excerpts from Puranas

Srimaddevibhagavat 11th Skand Chapter V verses 25 and 26 it is stated ” According to Jabala instinct for wearing Rudraksha results only after attaining the perfection of Vedas and blessings of Lord Siva during preceding births ”

In Chapter VII verse 23 it is stated “Rudrakshas infused with Bija mantras should be worn. One mukhi Rudraksha helps envisioning the Partattva ”

Padma Purana Chapter 57 Translated by Bhatta 1989 it is stated in verse 38 to 39 ” The Rudraksha of one mouth is virtually Siva It removes the sin of brahmanacide. Therefore one should wear it for the destruction of all (ones) sins. He would go to Siva’s heaven and rejoice with Siva. O Kartikeya a man would obtain a Rudraksha of one mouth due to great religious merit and due to Siva’s favour and would also obtain Kailasa “.

Symbol of : Lord Shiva

Ruling Planet : All

Recommended for: Headache, Heart Disease and Right Eye Defect.

Benefit’s: Spiritual enlightenment. Divine powers of manifestation.


Om Namah Shivaya
Om Hreem Namah


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