Ashta Laxmi Set In Pure Solid Copper

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Product Name : Ashta Laxmi Set In Pure Solid Copper

Weight : 1800  gms

Dimension : 3 inches (Height) * 2 inches (Base)

Design :

A set of exquisitely carved eight idols of Ashta Laxmi in Pure Solid Copper from artisians of South india , denote the secondary manifestations of Divine Goddess Laxmi, who is ardently worshipped as the Goddess of wealth, good fortune and abundance. She is also the source of prosperity, easy flow of money, good luck, good health, knowledge, power, fertility, beauty, name, fame.

Ashta means eight can be kept in the Puja Alter at home, Business place or office, or in the living room, work table, for garnering their blessings. Carved by skilled craftsmen from South India, each idol depicts the Goddess sitting on a blooming Lotus, in Padmasana, adorned in beautiful jewellery andattire, which are different for each form of the Ashta Laxmi. The right lowermost hand of each idol is raised in the Abhaya mudra, assuring blessings and protection and the left lowermost hand is in the Varada mudra, the giving mode, assurance of fulfilment of wishes.

As per the name and characteristics specified in the ancient texts, the number of hands of each of the Goddesses vary between four, six and eight and each idol holds different items in their hands, like Shankha(Conch shell), Chakra(discus weapon), Lotus(Padma) flowers, Gada, Sword, Shield etc. The dexterously crafted facial features of the each Ashta Laxmiare detailed and different. The Gaja Laxmi idol has two Elephants on either side of Maa Laxmi and the Santan Laxmi idol, has a little child sitting on the left of Her lap and She holds the child with Her lowest left hand. She is invoked by married couples who are finding challenges in having a child.The Ashta Laxmi represent the eight different sources of wealth, which Goddess Laxmi/Mahalaxmi embodies.

Ashta Laxmi(Lakshmi) names:
Adi Laxmi – The primeval Goddess Lakshmi. Bestows calmness of mind, peace and wealth of spirituality.
Gaja Laxmi – Wealth of cattle, animals and royalty. Gaja means Elephant.
Dhana Laxmi – Wealth in form of money, precious metals, like Gold and riches
Vidya Laxmi – Wealth of knowledge. This form resembles Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, music etc.
Dhanya Laxmi – Wealth of food crops, gains, agriculture.
Santan Laxmi – Wealth of healthy progeny, removes difficulty in having child.
Veera Laxmi – Wealth of courage and strength to face challenges successfully.
Jaya Laxmi(Vijaya Laxmi) – Wealth of victory over all difficulties and obstacles.
Installing the Ashta Laxmi in Copper adds to the aesthetics of the place and ushers material contentment, abundance in all aspects of life and helps to fulfil desires, by the grace of Ashta Laxmi.



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