Black Chirmi Beads Mala – 109 Beads

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Gunja Mala – 109 Beads



Product Name : Black Chirmi Beads Mala – 109 Beads / Gunja Mala

Number of Beads : 108+1

Bead Size : 5 MM – 6 MM

Length : 22 inches (from ist bead to last bead) // 11 inches around the neck

Description :

These Naturally grown beads are found in forest of Aravali Mountains in india , and are believed to be many hundreds year old .Black Chirmi beads are associated with Goddess Kali and Goddess Laxmi. The beads are known to ward off negative energies and attract wealth, power, good fortune and prosperity and provide protection from physical harm, evil and black magic.



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