Collector 10 Mukhi Ganesha Rudraksha – Nepal

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Ten Face Ganesha Rudraksha Of Nepal – Lab Certified

Dimension : 27 mm – 28 mm



Product Name : 10 Mukhi Ganesha Rudraksha – Nepal / Ten Face Ganesha Rudraksha of Nepal

Origin : Nepal

Dimension : 26.24 mm * 25.61 mm * 18.12 mm

Symbol : Lord vishnu

Attachment : Lab test certificate which proofs the authenticity of the same , will also shipped with this rudraksh .

Description :

Lord Vishnu, major god of Hinduism and Indian mythology, popularly regarded as the preserver of the universe. Some Puranic literature refers to him as the eternal, all-pervading spirit and associates him with the primeval waters believed to have been omnipresent before the creation of the world. So regarded, Vishnu is depicted frequently in human form, sleeping on the great serpent Shesha and floating on the waters. One hand holds a lotus; a second holds a conch; a third holds a discus (which always returns by itself after being thrown); and the fourth carries a mace. The petals of the lotus are believed to symbolize the unfolding of creation; the conch is said to symbolize that from which all existence originates; and the discus and the mace reputedly were obtained by Lord Vishnu as rewards for defeating the God Indra.

Lord Vishnu is said to possess also a special sword called Nadaka and a special bow called Sarnga. His wife is Goddess Lakshmi (also known as Shri), goddess of beauty and fortune. He rides a huge creature, half bird and half man, called Gandara. His home is in a heaven called Vaikuntha (where the Ganges River is believed to flow from its source at Vishnu’s feet). The god has a thousand names, the repetition of which is regarded as an act of devotion. The representing deity of 10 mukhi is Lord Narayana (The Preserver). It helps the wearer to overcome difficult times and ensures that the wearer and the family of the wearer is protected. It creates a feeling of security. It works like a shield on one’s body and drives evils away. Wearer is protected from influence of evil spirit , ghosts and black magic. There is no ruling planet for this bead and it pacifies all negative planetary energy. One wears this by the blessings of Lord Mahavishnu. Excellent for narayana bhaktas (devotees). One gets the power to concentrate well. Also aids in devotion and meditation.

Excerpts from Holy Books :

Siva Purana Vidyesvara Samhita Translated by Shastri 1973.   Siva said-

  • O Siva Mahesani be pleased to hear the greatness of Rudraksha. I speak out of love for you from a desire for the benefit of the devotee of Siva.
  • O Mahesani formerly I had been performing penance for thousands of divine years. Although I had controlled it rigorously my mind was in flutter. Out of sport, I being self possessed just opened my eyes. O Goddess, from a desire of helping the worlds, drops of tears fell from my beautiful half closed eyes. From those tear drops there cropped up the Rudraksha Plants.
  • They became immobile. In order to bless the devotees they were given to the four varnas devoted to worship of Visnu.
  • O Parmesvari no other necklace or garland is observed in the world to be so auspicious and fruitful as the Rudraksha.
  • People of all varnas and Asramas even Women and Sudras can wear Rudraksa at the bidding of Siva. The Ascetics shall wear it with the Pranava.
  • Even the devotees of Visnu and other Dieties shall unhesitatingly wear the Rudraksa. Especially the devotee of Rudra shall wear Rudraksha always.
  • O Mahesani, Rudraksa with ten faces is Lord Janardana Himself. O Devasi by wearing it the devotee shall achieve the fulfillment of all desires.
  • Seeing a devotee with the garland of Rudraksas O Parvati, Siva, Visnu, devi, Ganapati, the Sun and all the gods are pleased.

Srimaddevibhagavat 11th Skand Chapter IV, Narayana said

  • Ten Mukhi Rudraksa is Visnu and removes all the tears and troubles due from planets, evil powers and snakes.
    Chapter V,God said-
  • Wearer of Rudraksa on hair tuft on the crown, in ear, in neck, in hand and in abdomen attains the status of Siva, Visnu and Brahma.

Mantramaharnava, Lord Siva said-
A Rudraksha with 10 Faces is General of an army and is also Visnu Himself. It sublimates the malefic effects of planets, evil powers and eliminates snakes.

Ruling Planet: All planets

Recommended for:  Peace , Protection and Pacifying malefic of planets

Mantras :

Wearing Mantra :

Shree Narayanaaye Namah
Shree Vishnavai Namah

Beeja Mantra : Om Hreem Namah Namah

Rituals for wearing :

Take one bead of ten faced Rudraksha string it in a red thread after capping it in gold or silver and wear it chanting the mantra.

Day for wearing: Sunday


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