Collector 15 Mukhi Rudraksha – Nepal

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Collector Fifteen Face Rudraksha of Nepal – Lab Certified

Size : 28 mm – 29 mm



Product  Name : Collector 15 Mukhi Rudraksha – Nepal / Fifteen Face Rudraksha of Nepal

Origin : Nepal

Dimension :  28.85 mm * 22.02 mm * 17.11 mm

Attachment : This rudraksha will shipped along with his certificate , which proofs the authenticity of the same as shown in last two listed pictures

Description :

The 15 Mukhi is a very rare rudraksha. This represents Lord Pashupati and is specially beneficial healing the heart. 15 face Rudraksha is a Highly Auspicious Rudraksha that influences the gaining of Mukti from Paasha and helps to prevent the loss of attainment of Moksa in this lifetime. Fifteen faced Rudraksha also pacifies emotional disturbance in the mind caused by the limitations caused by Paasha or bondage. The Lord Pashupati Rudraksha supports the Spiritual Path to Moksa in this physical lifetime and enhances Rudra Consciousness that is an aspect of Consciousness based in the process of actively destroying ignorance, suffering and pain that is produced by bondage and or attachment.

Benefit’s :

Fifteen faced Rudraksha is an immense powerful Rudraksha for those working with Spiritual Techniques to accomplish Mukti that is freedom from bondage and Moksa that is Liberation in this physical lifetime. Pashu means individual soul or Jeeva , Pati means Lord and God and Master and Siva all as one in the same. Pashupati is Lord of Individuals , Lord Siva Lord of animals.

Holy Books :

According to  “Saiva Siddhanta ” the individual soul that is Jeeva by nature is infinite, pervasive and omnipresent. However due to what is described as impurities individuals sometimes experience themselves as finite, limited and ignorant. These impurities that can sometimes bind an individual are called Paasha and are three in nature. They are anava and karma and maya. Literal meaning of Paasha is a rope. It is comprised of three strands that are anava the impurity of ignorance, karma the impurity of action and maya the power of obscuration .These three can tie the individual soul into bondage.

Anava is ignorance. It is a beginning less positive inert energy that can causes delusion however it can be destroyed. It is said that this is possibly the original cause of an individuals bondage.

Karma forges bondage of the individual resulting from actions of thought work or deed. Karma can produce merit and demerit that can tie the individual to the wheel of birth and death. Karma can also be pacified and destroyed. Maya provides the individual with its bodies instruments and objects of experience. It creates the universe for ones advancement though under the influence of ignorance it can become misused and become a fetter. Maya can be destroyed . According to Kashmir Saivism individual souls are called bound or Pashu due to these three limitations caused by impurities. As individual souls move forward on thier Spiritual Path their true nature manifests that is eternal, real, identical with Lord Siva and essentially unlimited, all pervading and are an ever conscious luminosity.

Liberation comes when the soul remembers its identity with Lord Siva. Once all the obstacles are removed this remembering can take place in this physical lifetime .

The Lord Pashupati Rudraksha is the only one found to date that works with Mukti and Moksa in this manner and is an exceptional Rudraksha for the Spiritual Path.

Symbol of :  Lord Pashupati

Ruling Planet :  Mercury

Recommended for :   Improving intuitive, Abstract and Lateral thinking.

Mantra : 

Wearing Mantra : “Om Namah Shivaye “
Beeja Mantra : “OM Hreem  Namah “

Rituals for wearing 15 Faced Rudraksha / How To Wear  Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha :

15  faced Rudraksha should be capped in gold / silver/panchdhatu  or stringed in red thread and wear in neck or be kept on the worshipping place after  chanting the mantra.

 Day for wearing :  Monday


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