Collector Gauri Shankar Rudraksha – 10 Mukhi

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Gowri Shankar Rudraksha –10 Mukhi – Nepal – Lab Certified

Dimension : 33 mm – 34 mm





Product  Name : Collector Gauri Shankar Rudraksha – 10 Mukhi

Origin : Nepal

Dimension : 33 mm * 20 mm * 19 mm

Description :

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is the Unified form of male and female energies represented by Shiva and Shakti. It opens up the Hrit Padma chakra and illuminates the consciousness of the wearer. Gauri Shankar 10 mukhi connects one to energies of Lord Krishna for love, compassion and fearlessness.

This bead brings blessings from the discuss bearing Lord Krishna . Illuminates the mind with Power to destroy all enemies and adversities in life . Worn for eleminating a state of debt , legal cases and psychic attacks

Two naturally joined Rudraksha called Gauri Shankar is regarded as the form of Shiva & Parvati. It is so much full of influence that it causes the development and expansion of universe due to its being the unified and identified form of the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Uma. This form becomes the cause of expansion of the universe providing fertility. It makes the husband and wife identify each other. Therefore it is regarded the best thing for peace and comfort in the family. So, it is the most preferred gift as ancient texts mention that gifting rudraksha accrues punya (good karma).

If a man worships Gauri Shankar at his worshipping place, the pain and suffering and other earthly obstacles are destroyed and the peace and pleasure of family are increased. In Puranas the bead of Gauri Shankar is regarded the best for happy family life.

It opens up the Hrit Padma chakra and aligns oneself with Universal love. Aids Dhyan and meditation. Harmonizes relationships of the wearer. Expands sphere of influence to love one and all. Attracts a suitable life partner by grace of Shiva and Shakti.

The Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is probably one that expands one’s consciousness to a 360 degrees! A real blessing that bestows the boon of awareness. Awareness that makes you realize the truth of relationships: with ones you’re related to, one’s you work with, those who work for you, the plants and trees that you see everyday, the Bhumi that you walk on, the atma that resides in your soul. etc, etc.

It is awareness that helps to know what we lack in ourselves or to see that ones around us lack. Gauri Shankar rudraksha bestows the capacity to tolerate the lack in others, and, simultaneously, the insight to develop what is lacking in our own self. It really does help identify, not just your spouse but everything that connects with you not just on this earth but the Universe.

Represents:  Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

Ruling Planet:  All planet

Recommended for : Peace and comfort in the family. 


  • Increases connection with the subconscious mind
  • Destroys limited beliefs and gives power to manifest desires
  • Helps one learn lessons of planet Moon

Krishna Gayatri Mantra:

Om Dhamodharaya Vidhmahe
Rukmani Vallabhay Dheemahe
Thanno Krishna Prachodayath

Mantras :

Wearing Mantra : “OM Gaurishankaraya Namah”
Beeja Mantra : “OM Aim Hreem YugalruPanaye Namah

Rituals for worship

Keep in altar. In mornings offer incense and chant Om Namah Shivaya.


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