Coral Mala – 54+1 Beads

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Coral Mala – Italian 

Unheated / Untreated 


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Product Name : Coral Mala – 54+1 Beads

Origin : Italy

Weight : 114.35 carats

Dimension of beads : 12 mm * 4 mm

Design : Coral Mala made of real coral beads (untreated and undyed) in strong thread with traditional knots between the beads. 

Description : 

Coral Mala is made using natural coral gemstones in thread and silver/gold. It is associated with Mangal planet and is a favourite of devotees of Lord Hanuman and Ganesh. A Coral Mala can be used for both Japa and wearing purpose. Coral Mala is generally recommended to devotees having a weak Planet Mars / Mangal in their horoscope . The coral gemstone blesses the user with good health , strength , stability and support . It also blesses with courage , confidence , preseverance and the strength to overcome odds and achieve success . 

  • Used during sadhana or worship or Japa of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, Lakshmi and Mars planetary mantras.
  • Worn for good health and for therapy of people who are prone to anaemic condition.
  • It is also gives relief in indigestion and fever.
  • It gives many virtues like courage, perseverance, capability to face and solve problems and enables a man to take risks.
  • It also harmonizes relationship in marital life. 




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