Goddess MookAmbika In Pure Solid Copper

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Product Name : Goddess MookAmbika In Pure Solid Copper

Weight : 421  gms

Dimension : 4 inches (Height) * 2 inches (Base)

Design :

Goddess MookAmbika  in Pure Solid Copper from skilled artisians of South india , having two hands  holding Shankha And Chakra . 

Description :

Goddess Mookambika  is said to be the mother of the universe representing Adi Parashakti.  Shakti refers to the cosmic energy that permeates through everything. Adi Parashakti manifests as Saraswati , Laxmi , Parvati ,Mookambika, Kali, Chamundi, Uma, Kamakshi, Amba and in countless other forms. Mother presides over creation, preservation and destruction. Goddess Mookambika is known to destroy demon Mookasura. 



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