Goddess Varahi Idol In Pure Solid Copper

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Product Name : Goddess Varahi Idol In Pure Solid Copper

Weight : 354  gms

Dimension : 4 inches (Height) * 2 inches (Base)

Design :

Enlighten you dwelling with this rare Idol of Goddess Varahi magnificently crafted in Copper. Goddess Varahi is depicted gracefully seated in Lalitasana pose and adorning the Karanda Mukuta and moon on Her head. She is raising Her two hands in Abhay and Varada Mudra  and holding celestial weapons namely  Mushalam and a Pick in Her upper arms. The finely carved clothing and ornament and attention given to physical features reflect the artistic brilliance of the skilled artisans from South India. Place the divine idol in you puja altar, living room or work desk for divine blessings. 
Description :
Goddess Varahi is the feminine energy (Shakti) of Lord Varaha, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She is manifestation of Shakti and also one of the seven Matrikas (Mother Goddesses). She provides protection and relief from negativity and mishaps and bestows longevity, knowledge, victory, prosperous life and spiritual progress.
Varahi is one of the Matrikas, a group of seven mother goddesses in the Hindu religion. With the head of a sow, Varahi is the shakti (feminine energy) of Varaha, the boar Avatar of the god Vishnu. She is a form of Bhudevi (supreme goddess of earth and land ). In Nepal, she is called Barahi. Varahi is worshipped by four major practices of Hinduism : Shaivism (devotees of Shiva), Brahmanism (devotees of Brahma), Vaishnavism (devotees of Vishnu) and especially Shaktism (goddess worship). She is usually worshipped at night, using secretive Vamamarga Tantric practices. The Buddhist goddesses Vajravārāhī and Marichi are believed to have their origins from the Hindu goddess Varahi.



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