Gomed Ganesha – 41.60 Carats

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Lord Ganesha In Natural Hessonite



Product Name : Gomed Ganesha – 41.60 Carats

Weight :  41.60 Carats
Dimension : 1 inches  (height) * 0.8 inches (Width)
Design : Lord Ganesha Is Carved out In Pure Gomed / Hessonite

Description :

Lord Ganesha in Gomed Gemstone enhances self-confidence, encourages one to fulfill their dreams, brings success in legal matters and along with removing of obstacles and ensures success and glory. As Gomed-Hessonite is a planet Rahu gemstone, it also pacifies the Rahu malefics and destroys obstacles and enemies.

May be kept in puja altar or work desk or worn as a locket.


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