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GuruVayuRappan Murti

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GuruVayooRappan Idol Carved On Natural Golden Sudarshan Shaligram


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Product Name : GuruVayuRappan Murti

Dimension :  3 inches (height) * 1.5 inches (Base)

Weight : 121 gm

Design : Beautiful GuruVayurappan Idol Carved On Natural Golden Sudarshan Shaligram with four arms, carrying the Panchajanya (shanku or conch), the Sudarshan Chakra (chakra or disc), the Koumodaki (gada or mace) and padma (lotus).

Description :

Guruvayurappan also often written Guruvayoorappan, is a form of Vishnu worshipped mainly in Kerala. He is the presiding deity of Guruvayur temple who is being worshiped as Shri Krishna in his child form, also known as Guruvayur Unnikkannan (literally, ‘little-Krishna’). Even though the deity is that of chaturbahu (four handed) Vishnu, the concept of the people is that the deity is the infant form of Lord Krishna. The deity represents the purna rupa (full manifestation) revealed by baby Krishna to his parents vasudeva and devki  immediately after his advent in Kansa Prison. So this is the reason why baby Krishna is worshipped on a Vishnu deity.

The word Guruvayurappan, meaning Lord of Guruvayur, comes from the words Guru referring to Barasphati ,the Guru of the devas, Vayu, the God of Wind and Appan , meaning ‘father’ or ‘Lord’. Since Guru and Vayu installed Krishna’s deity, the name Guruvayurappan was given to the deity.It is believed that the idol of Guruvayurappan was worshipped by Vasudeva and Devaki, the parents of Krishna, and represents the full manifestation of Vishnu, and later was worshipped by Krishna, an Avatar of Vishnu Himself.


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