Laxmi Narayan Idol on Golden Sudarshan Shaligram

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Anantha Shayanam Murti / Padmanabha on Golden Sudarshan Shaligram



Product Name : Laxmi Narayan Idol on Golden Sudarshan Shaligram

Dimension: 3.5 inches (height) * 4 inches (width)  / Base : 3.5 inches * 0.5 inches 

Weight : 321 gm

Design : Beautiful Laxmi Narayan Murti carved on natural sudarshan shaligram having natural golden vanamala , in which Lord narayan having seven hooded snake on top side , holding shankh , chakra , padma , and mace on his four hands . Lord Brahma sitting on lotus emerging from naval of lord vishnu , and goddess laxmi on leg side . 

Description :

Padmanaabhah – One from whose navel springs the Lotus, which is the seat of the four-faced Creator, Brahmaaji. Lotus in Hinduism represents the set of either Truth or any of Its manifested powers. The creative faculties in man flow from the navel area (center), and manifests as the ‘four-faced’ inner equipment (Antahkarana) constituted of the mind, intellect, Chit and ego. In the Yoga-sastras, we find a lot of details regarding this concept. According to them every “idea” springs from Him (Paraa), and then at the navel area, each of them comes to be ‘perceived’ (Pasyantee). Thereafter they play in the bosom as thoughts (Madhayamaa), and at last they are expressed (Vaikharee) in the outer fields-of-activity. In this discussion-upon the evolutionary stages through which every “idea” becomes an “action” , we gather a clearer insight into the meaning of the symbolism of ” the Creator seated on the lotus”, which springs forth from the navel of the Lord, the Supreme Vishnu. Padmanabha One who has the lotus in his navel”. This is not to be taken literally. Navel (Naabhi) is the psychic centre where all un-manifest thoughts first spring forth into our recognition (Pasyantee). It can also mean “One who manifests Himself in the lotus of the heart of his devotee. Some translate as “He who is seated in the pericarp of the lotus.Brahma gives the devotee wit and intelligence.  This Padmanabha is a very powerful Shila and have all required markings of Shesha, Lord Vishnu, Barahma and Laxmi. Padmanabha is that form where from Ananta has the Brahma emerging out from the naval of the Lord Vishnu.


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