Lord Dattatreya In Brass

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Product Name : Lord Dattatreya In Brass

Weight : 411 gm

Dimension : 4 inches (height) * 2.5 inches (base) 

Description : 

Make way for positivity into abode with the divine Idol of Lord Dattatreya crafted in brass. Lord is depicted with three heads, six hands standing in front of sacred cow and with dogs seated at base. He holds a drum (damaru), discus like weapon (chakra), conch shell (sankh), rosary (japa mala) and water vessel (kamandala) and raises His lower right hand in blessing pose. Lord Dattatreya represents collective energy of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and bestows peace, serenity, compassion and love. The Idol can be placed in puja altar, living area of on study or work desk for divine blessings.


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