Lord Parshuram Idol In Pure Silver

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Lord Parshurama Idol In Pure Silver


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Product Name : Lord Parshuram Idol In Pure Silver

Weight : 87 gms

Dimension : 2.50 inches (Height) * 0.8 inches (Base)

Design : Beautiful Lord Parshuram made in pure silver holding Axe on right hand and bow on his left hand , also having quiver with arrows on back side . The fine carvings beautifully feature the physical and facial features and the jewels and folds of clothing.

Description :

Lord Parshuram has combined traits of Kshatratej (aggression and valour) and Brahmatej (serenity and prudence). He is revered as Atimaharathi, a warrior who masters all combat skills and weapons. With combined blessings of Lord Parshuram and Shaligram, the idol is highly effective in removing Vastu defects and negative energies and provides protection from diseases and enemies and nemeses. It also helps provide relief from financial miseries and bestows knowledge and progeny. 


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