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Panduranga Murti / Vitthal Murti

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Panduranga / Vitthal Murti Carved on Natural Golden Sudarshan Shaligram 



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Product Name : Panduranga Murti / Vitthal Murti

Dimension : 3.5 inches (height) * 2 inches (width) * 1.25 inches (Base)

Weight : 180 gm

Design :

Panduranga Murti Beautifully Carved on Natural Golden Sudarshan Shaligram shilla of Gandaki River Nepal , having one hand on the Waist and other hand on the position of Varada Mudra ( Fulfillment of all wishes / the gesture of charity)

Description :

Vitthal , also known as Vithoba and Panduranga,  is generally considered a manifestation of the Lord vishnu  or his avatar lord krishna .

Vithoba is known by many names, including : Vitthala , Panduranga , Pandharinath , Hari and Narayan. There are several theories about the origins and meanings of these names. Varkari tradition suggests that the name Vitthala (also spelled as Vitthal, Viththal, Vittala and Vithal) is composed of two Sanskrit – Marathi words : Vit which means ‘brick’; and thal, which may have originated from the Sanskrit sthala, meaning ‘standing’. Thus, Vitthala would mean ‘one standing on a brick’.

Viththal’s idol is dark complexioned with protruding eyes and stands on a brick with hands held on the waist. When Pundalik served his parents Lord Viththal was appeased and appeared before him. At that time to avoid any lapse in service towards his parents, Pundalik threw a brick and asked The Lord to stand on it. The Lord stood watching his service with admiration. This idol is different from idols of other deities which wield either a weapon or bestow a blessing with the hand. It depicts Viththal observing everything as a spectator (sakshibhav). The sense organs lie above and the motor organs below the waist. Hands on the waist means the one with the motor organs within His control.


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