Pashupatinath idol in Pure Solid Silver

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Product Name : Pashupatinath idol in Pure Solid Silver

Weight : 355 gms 

Dimension : 4 inches (H) * 1.5 inches (B) 

Design : Beautiful Idol Of Lord Shiva with five heads crafted in solid Pure Silver  by artisans of South india . 

Pashupatinath Shiva with five head is magnificently portrayed in heavy shining Silver. Lord Shiva in this idol is depicted with five heads, seated on a Kurma (Tortoise) . He is raising his right hand in the abhaya mudra granting his divine protection and left hand holding the goddess parvati, on His right upper arm are holding a trident and a drum and left upper arm hold a deer . In his dreadlocked hair is a cresecent moon , snake and the Hindu river goddess, Ganga. On his right leg lord kartikeya sitting on his lap , and on left leg Goddess parvati holding lord ganesha sitting on abahaya mudra pose . The five heads of Lord Pashupathinath represents five incarnations of Lord Shiva namely Sadyojata facing West, Vamdeva facing North, Tatpurusha facing East, Aghor facing South and Ishana facing North-East. Lord Pashupatinath liberates His devotees from bondages of desires, ignorance and ego and helps overcome financial crisis. You may place the idol in you altar, living area, office area or near entrance for divine blessings.



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