Rare Big Size SunStone Shree Yantra – 5675 gms

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Shree Yantra Made in Glittering Sun Stone



Product Name : Rare Big Size SunStone Shree Yantra – 5675 gms

Dimension : 8 inches (Height) * 8 inches (Base)

Description :

This auspicious Shree Yantra is carved in natural glittering sunstone. Sunstone shree yantra is placed for health, harmony and abundance. Sunstone revitalizes positive attitude and fills with energy. It is the stone of creativity.

Sri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras which symbolises a total of 2816 energies or Goddesses and worshipping this Yantra means worshipping all these energies. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through cosmic power.
It is to be placed in the North East corner of a home or office to attract abundance. Sri Meru Chakra attracts wealth on all levels spiritual and financial and entices success, prosperity, career, health, fame and protection. The Meru Chakra gives energetic blessing that improves the flow of vibrant energies in a dwelling.


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