Red Chirmi Beads Mala – 109 Bead

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Gunja Mala – 109 Beads



Product Name : Red Chirmi Beads Mala – 109 Beads / Gunja Mala

Number of Beads : 108 + 1

Bead Size : 5 MM – 6 MM

Length : 24 inches (from ist bead to last bead) // 12 inches around the neck

Design : Selected Red Chirmi Beads Mala having traditional knots between Each beadsĀ 

Description :

These Naturally grown beads are found in forest of Aravali Mountains in india , and are believed to be many hundreds year old . Chirmi beads are associated with Goddess Laxmi and are known to ward off negative energies and attract wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

A mala made with red chirmi beads is the representation of Goddess Radha , so krishna often wears a garland of gunja berries .

Purpose :

  • One can achieve highest perfection in love of god by worshipping krishna with this mala
  • It is one of the most basic Shringar (ornament) of Lord Krishna


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