Red Sandalwood Mala – 12 mm

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Number of Beads : 108 +1



Product Name : Red Sandalwood mala – 12 mm

Number of Beads : 108 + 1

Design : High Quality Natural Red sandalwood beads are strung in strong thread having traditional knots between each beads .

Length of Mala :  28 inches (when mala is in U Form) / 56 inches (from ist bead till last bead)

Description :
Red sandal beads have a very pleasant and soothing natural aroma. Smooth beads of high quality ,original red sandalwood are hand crafted to make this beautiful mala of 108+1 beads.

Purpose –

  • Red sandal beads unfolds vibrant energy and gives bravery, strength and willpower.
  • Used for Japa of mantra of Goddess Gayatri and Surya mantras.
  • It is warming, improves circulation and protects from negative energy.
  • It is also helpful for indigestion and fever.Attracts abundance and prosperity.
  • It soothes pitta dosha and helps one to conquer the senses.
  • Wearer of red sandalwood mala enjoys all comforts at his authority.
  • Suggested for Headache, Heart Diseases and Right Eye Defect.


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