Rose Quartz Shivalingam – 287 gms

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Shivling Made in Natural Rose Quartz



Product Name : Rose Quartz Shivalingam – 287 gm

Weight : 287 gm

Dimension :

Height : 3.5 inchesĀ 

Centre Diameter : 3 inchesĀ 

Description :
Shivlingam idol finely carved in Rose Quartz . Rose Quartz is a stone of love that helps open the heart and connect to the energy of love. It is rejuvenating to both the physical and emotional body and assists the worshipper in remaining present, calm and peaceful.
Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord Shiva and Shakti which is the union of the Creator with His creation. The most common use of the Shiva Lingam is for sacred bathing (abhishekam) and so the worship of a Shiva Lingam always includes an abhisheka usually of milk and water, but commonly with other liquids, including yogurt, honey and clarified butter as well. At home it blesses with unity and harmony in the family and guides its devotees to spiritual path.
A gemstone shivling is considered highly auspicious and is said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rate.


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