Ruby Mala In Silver – 109 Beads

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Product Name : Ruby Mala In Silver – 109 Beads

Weight : 55 carats

Dimension of Beads : 4 mm 

Number of Beads : 108+1

Design : Fine Quality of natural Ruby Beads with in silver wire . 

Length : 27 inches from ist bead till last bead // 13.5 inches (when Mala is In U Form)

Description : 

Ruby is a stone of power that manifests leadership and authority in one’s life. It attracts name, fame and success and makes the wearer shine like the Sun. Ruby is the stone that helps in restoring the passion and stimulates blood circulation. This divine gem sharpens the mind, boosts awareness and aids in concentration. It makes the wearer courageous and removes fear of the evil and wards off nightmares. It protects the wearer against psychological and psychic attack. 


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