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Shukra Mani – 24.28 carats 

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Product Name : Shukra Mani – 24.28 carats 

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SHUKRA is the son of MAHARISHI BHRAGU. Venus, (SHUKRA) is the master of demons, so is known as DATYAGURU as well. Venus is the most shining and beautiful planet in the solar system. In Indian astrology, SHUKRA is said to be the KAAMA of KAAL PURUSHA. Venus is the planet, which particularly signifies the desires of a human being. Natural Shukra Mani symbolizes the comforts and luxuries of the life.

Benefits : 

A person’s beauty, wealth, pleasures, comforts and luxuries are believed to be governed by the Shukra(Venus)planet. Shukra Mani is used to appease the planet Venus. The malefic effects of this planet on marital life are curtailed by wearing the Shukra Mani Pendant. It helps to bring and maintain happiness and harmony in martial life. Diplomats and peacemakers are often governed by Venus. Venus is associated with flowers, jewels and other beautiful objects, as well as sweet food, flavors, tropical climates, sexual activity, nice cloths and other sensual pleasure.


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