Siddh Parad Amrit Cup – 221 gms

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Vessel / Cup  Made in Pure Siddha Parad



Product Name : Siddh Parad Amrit Cup / Siddh Parad Vessel

Weight : 221 gm (approx)

Dimension : 2 inches (Height) * 1.50 inches (Width)

Parad Benefits :
Parad works on the Sahasrara Chakra. Parad enhances the association with Lord Shiva and benefits in meditation and spiritual routine. Brings peace, contentment, concentration, dhyana and supports in Samadhi. Siddh Parad when prepared as per ancient knowledge of Parad Bandhan contains miraculous properties of healing and protection.

Preparation of Parad:
Siddh Parad Items are Complete with 8 Samkaras: Complete with 8 Samskaras i.e. 8 stages of Purification are completed as per Parad Sanmhita and a thorough medicated and hygienic removal of Saptakanchuki is done. The Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi – Badhha/Agnibadha (heat sustaining) Parad Gutika. The Gutika gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes all diseases from the body.

Description : 

Siddh Parad Amrit Cups prepared by Ayurvedic methods (as per old ancient Vedas) and complete with 8 Samkaras or Asht-Sanskar or 8 steps of purification are 100% purified and highly effective. Drinking the milk or water or any medicine in Siddh Parad Amrit Cup purifies human body and makes a person free from diseases.

Original Parad Amrit Cup not only increase the vitality levels but also gives high energy levels. Parad Amrit Cup also makes one immune to change of season, gives the good health, control asthma, increases sex power and also control diabetes. Siddha Parad Amrit Cups are best recommended for cases of arthritis, piles, high blood pressure, low immune system and sexual disease .It makes a person free from diseases. It not only increase the energy levels but also improves the vitality.


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