Siddh Parad Nandi – 1135 gm

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Siddh Pardeshwar Nandi




Product Name : Siddh Parad Nandi – 1135 gm / Siddh Pardeshwar Nandi

Dimension :

Weight : 1135 gm

Height : 2.5 inches

Base :  3.5 inches

Note : There are many listed images of same parad Nandi , some are of golden color  and other’s are of silver color , The color of siddh parad is automatically turns into golden color when it kept in water for few hours , which is a general property of siddh parad , and when it will clean by soft cloth it color again becomes as a silver color

Description :

This Parad Nandi charged by Mahamrityunjai Mantra. It is said that Nandikeshvara was a “Rishi” (Wise Man) who guarded the doors of Shiva’s abode and thus became divine. According to Shaivite scholars, Nandi was associated with Lord Shiva because they both symbolize masculine power and the control of that power. Nandi embodies inner strength which can be acquired by controlling physical strength and violence.

Nandi is the vahana (vehicle) of Shiva. As an independent deity, the bull was in ancient times, the Lord of Joy (Nandikeshvara), and was represented as a man with a bull’s head. Joy, i.e., music and dance, were seen as the fundamental forces of creation, an aspect which was later transferred to Shiva. Later it was said of Nandikeshvara that he was a rishi (wise man) who guarded Shiva’s door to become divine in this way.

“Pardeshwar sthapiyam Iakshmi sidhyam tadgrahe
dhandhanyam dhara potram purna saubhagya veh narah”

Meaning when I am established as God in a house other devatas like Kuber, Lakshmi , and others ,Saubhagya also come with me the house never faces monetary problem ever again.

“Ayur – Dravin – Marogyam, Agnirmedha Mabalam,

Roop , Youvan Lavanya , Rasopasanaya Bhavet “

Meaning : By Worshipping of Parad , Devotee can attain longer life and wealth . A Man Free from diseases , and having good digestive power , intellact , and immense power . Also Devotee get beauty and attraction in his personality .

Complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stage of Purifications done as per Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki(100 % medicated and hygienic); the Siddha Parad(Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi-Badhha/Agnibadha(sustain the heat) Shiva lingam. The Extract from this Shivling gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes all diseases in the body.

Benefit’s Of Worshipping Nandi :

** Shaivite scholars state that “the original reason for associating the bull with this god was simple, the great masculine potency which each embodies, and the rage and physical power of which both are capable.”

** As the creature on which Shiva rides, Nandi embodies the permanent inner strength which can be acquired by controlling physical strength and violence (the name means: he who grants joy). Only those who have conquered desire and achieved self-knowledge can ride the bull like Shiva himself.



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