Tirupati Balaji Murti On Golden Sudarshan Shaligram

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Tirupati Balaji / Srinivasa / Venkatewara Murti Carved on Natural Golden Sudarshan Shaligram




Product Name : Tirupati Balaji Murti Carved On Golden Sudarshan Shaligram

Dimension : 3.75 inches (height) // 3.75 inches (Centre Width) // 2 * 1 inches (Base)

Design : Beautiful Lord Tirupati Balaji on Natural Golden sudarshan shaligram having mark of vanamala and kalpavriksha . 

Weight : 316 gm

Description :

Venkateswara also known as Srinivasa , Balaji , Venkata , Venkatacalapati is a form of lord vishnu .

In this idol Lord Venkateswara is beautifully carved on natural Sudarshan shaligram , having four arms in which two upper hands having Sudarshan chakra (right upper hand) and conch (left upper arm) .

And other two hands in which the right anterior lower hand of the Holy Lord is bent at His elbow and is held in a supine position while His entire open palm is pointing towards His holy Lotus feet…

According to the Vedic scriptures, such a peculiar hand position is called the Varada Hasta Mudra (The hand that offers boons).. With this mystic Mudra, the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara is very emphatically telling us that,

“..I’m going to stand here on the Tirumala Hills forever to protect my devotees in this unholy Kali Yuga.. For a devotee who has complete faith in my Holy feet, am here to take care of him and his entire family during all the times they pass through the problems of this inhuman world..”

Lord Sri Venkateswara’s left anterior lower hand is straight down; bent at the wrist and is found lightly resting, just below His left hip.. Such an unusual hand position, according to the Vedic scriptures ,is known as the Katya Vilambita Hastha Mudra..

Katya means panegyric or pay homage, Vilambita means hanging, Hastha means hand, and Mudra means posture.. With such an unusual Hasta Mudra, the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara is giving us assurance by saying,

“As long as my devotees have complete faith in Me I shall not allow the flood waters of this Bhava Sagara (Ocean of problems) go beyond their hip level”


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