Sacred Shaligram

The Sacred Shaligram Shilas are those Shilas which has one of the most rarest and complex impressions on them. The Names of this sacred shaligrams are bases on the "Lakshana Shaloka's" which we get from Various Spritiual Books and Texts .These shilas are tremendously powerful and are available in this universe in a very limited quantity. This shaligrams emits very high radiance and have extraordinarily high energy levels. The presence of these Shilas in the Altar brings Auspiciousness, Possitivity and Tranquility in the life of the Worshipper. The Devotee is blessed generation after generation by worshipping of these Sacred Shilas and removes himself from the vicious circle of life and death. Besides giving Extreme Protection, peace and Prosperity these Sacred Shilas also removes hurdles/obstacles and grant astonishing success to the devotee in all his endeavors.