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Hari Shaligram

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Hari Salagram

Round Shape body , Black yellowish color , 1 opening – 2 upward looking chakras , Dots .

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Product Name : Hari Shaligram

Origin :  Nepal

Weight : 25 gm

Dimension : 1.20 inches * 1 inches

Lakshan Shaloka :

Urdhvam mukham vijAnIyAt haritam harirUpiNam| kAmamOkShapradam caivArthadam ca visheShata:|| (alpadvArasamopetA harimUrtirudAhrutA)

Meaning :

Shaligram having yellowish color , upward looking , is known as Hari Shaligram



Lakshan Shaloka :

Urdhvam mukham vijAnIyAt shyAmabham vartulam shubham| adho bindusamAyuktam sarvakAmArthasAdhakam||

Meaning :

Shaligram having blue black color; round; upward looking; dots at the bottom , is known as Hari Shaligram


Description :

Hari  – The one who forgives all sins . Lord Hari is described as having the dark complexion of water-filled clouds and having four arms. He is depicted as a pale blue being, as are his incarnations Rama and Krishna . He holds a Padma (lotus flower) in his lower left hand, the Kaumodaki gada (mace) in his lower right hand, the Panchajanya Shankha (conch) in his upper left hand and the discus weapon considered to be the most powerful weapon Sudershan Chakra in his upper right hand and also have a bow named as sharanga and due to which he is sometimes named as SharangaPani (hari) in Bhagvad Gita .



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